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Women must act together

By Serge Kreutz

The following ideas were written down after long talks with average women. They are written from the perspective of these women.

Women have many interests which they share with many other women.

One common concern is philandering men.

Men who want to have a sexual relationship with a woman first make all kind of promises: I love only you! I love you forever!

Actually, many of us women, if we have proper self-respect, would not agree to a sexual relationship for less: You only love me, and you love me all life. Anything else would be cheap and unacceptable.

Why can men not keep their word? Why are so many men liars? It is a common sexual interest of women that men do not break their word.

Many men are philanderers. When we are young, they promise love forever. And when we are older, they leave us and go with a younger woman. This is so unfair.

We stay with a man in our best years because he promises us to stay with us, even when our beauty declines or is lost. And then, when we are beyond our prime, we are just thrown away. Where is justice?

Women deserve respect and justice. Women want to build a better society, a society that is ruled by justice. Not a society that is unfair to women.

Throughout history, men have determined the structure of societies. It is clear that men cannot build fair societies. Only women can do that.

It is important that women form organizations that protect the rights of women trampled upon by men.

First of all, women must respect women. We have to educate younger sisters to respect existing relationships of other women. Young women should never allow older men to court them. Older men already are in relationships. Only young women of a miserable character entice men to break up an existing relationship to enter a new one. Young bitches! They deserve to be deserted, too, when they are older.

If women are organized, and if women are aware of their common interests, women can have great influence on both, legal systems and public opinion.

In order to stop male philandering, legal constraints are needed. Actually, traditional societies had a good system in place: the concept of marriage.

Many traditional societies did not allow divorce. Sexual adventures outside marriage were a crime.

In principle, this would be a good system. But it should be applied to men only. If women seek sexual adventures outside of a marriage, this clearly points to deficiencies of the male partner.

Usually, if women seek sexual adventures outside of a marriage, there are good reasons. The male partner in a marriage has promised to love the women forever, otherwise the women would not have agreed.

But then, as it turns out, he becomes indifferent. He shows love at first, but after some time, l he doesn’t care any longer. No more sweet words, no more roses, no kisses. Only household work.

Many men do not understand women. Women need love and attention throughout life. Not just when they are young and fresh.

But when women are united, we can control men. When men can’t get it somewhere else, they will think twice before deserting us.