Why women have all reason to support legalizing marijuana

By Serge Kreutz

Men are genetically inclined to be woman changers, and women don’t like this. The male inclination to have multiple sexual relationships is expressed as thrill-seeking.

Afflicted by this attitude are mostly healthy men with a good economic foundation, and no real problems.

Some women take preventive measures by offering their husbands or boyfriends sex on all occasions. “So he won’t have to go somewhere else.” This will not work as intended. If anything, it will accelerate boredom.

They should let men consume marijuana. If the adventure is in dreams, it doesn’t have to be sought in reality.

Furthermore, some strains of cannabis, especially cannabis sativa, have psychosis-inducing potential. Psychosis-inducing means: there is a potential, dose-dependent, for anxiety, especially in young users.

Now, if a man faces anxiety, or is on the brink of anxiety, he prefers the safe haven of a long-term love relationship.

This is in stark contrast to alcohol, which makes men (and women) sexually adventures, and destroys love relationships for the benefit of casual sex.

So, my advice to women is this: have your man smoke weed. He will be much less likely to search for other women. And apart from that, he will experience new sexual dimensions with you.