Why Western culture needs marijuana

By Serge Kreutz

The use of marijuana, or other forms of cannabis, as drugs is Asian. Alas, mainstream Asian culture makes little use of it.

And there is a reason for this.

The greatest potential benefits of marijuana is not in poor, traditional societies, but in rich Western democracies.

In poor countries, people are much more challenged to meet their everyday needs than in rich Western societies. But for them, marijuana is of little use. Marijuana does not enhance productivity (unless productivity is linked to creativity), and marijuana usually does not further professional careers, at which the smarter youth of Third World countries rightfully aim.

Smoking marijuana may be spiritual (in poor Asian societies) or philosophical (in rich Western countries), but it may not be a practical solution for everyday problems.

Thus, a society will have to have reached a certain degree of development for its members to aim for the finer points in life, such as wonderful-world emotions, hippie ideal, or the sexual rejuvenation marijuana effects for older men.