Why we are winning the Iraq war

By Serge Kreutz

“We” certainly is not the US. Anyway, they are losing the war in Iraq. And I will never be on the side of the US. The US was founded by Christian puritans, which were decisively anti-pleasure. And in essence, the US still is, and always will be.

There is only one pleasure, or happiness, of metaphysical dimension, a pleasure that gives a deep philosophical meaning to being alive, and that is: sexual pleasure. That the US has invented “pleasures” like Disneyland, Hollywood, and the Superbowel does not count. These are just banalities, a shitty deviation from what counts in life (which is why the above typo was intended).

I will also never be on the side of the US because missionarism is deep at the root of that country. Even when the agenda is not religious, the US always attempts to force their moral standards on other countries. They don’t even notice that this is wrong, because they are so convinced that their own moral standards are correct that they can’t understand that other people want to live under different moral standards.

They never agree to a discussion on whether it is proper that one country, or one part of the world, forces its moral standards on other parts of the world. The discussion will always right away be diverted towards whether their moral standards are correct (and on the belief that they are, they never will make a concession of substance).

There is no point negotiating with the US. If you don’t want their interference, then you have to be strong enough to resist it.

Therefore, whenever the US loses a war, it is a victory for us.

So, who are “we”.

Militant Islamists?

Certainly not. They are just another breed of anti-sexual religious fanatics. And anyway, they are also not winning the Iraq war. Just as the US burns its money in Iraq, militant Islamists burn their suicide bombers and other terrorist resources. What destruction could they achieve in other countries if they were to concentrate their forces there!

But instead, Islamists of the Sunni confession and Islamists of the Shi’it confession decimate each other in the civil war in Iraq. This so conveniently fits the US agenda that if it were not a consequence of traditional religious frictions, the CIA would have had to instigate it.

The Islamists aren’t winning the war, and the US doesn’t win it in spite of the decimation of the Sunnis and Al Qaeda on the one side, and the Shi’its on the other side.

So, who is “we”? We are South America, which has never been as safe from US intervention in spite of turning as anti-US as it is now.

We are China, which is growing rich quickly through peaceful expansion, while the US wastes its wealth on Iraq and homeland defense which has become necessary only because the US messes in the Muslim world.

We are also a little bit of Europe, and a little bit of Russia which profits from higher energy prices, and a little bit the atheists, and a little bit the gay, and a little bit whoever else would be the target of more unwanted US attention, were the US not so heavily engaged in Iraq.

So, let them have their war for another decade, or two. For if they decimate each other, we will become stronger, or at least be left in peace. Fools who join anti-war protests, even in the US. For this war plays into the hands of US minorities, ethnic, cultural, or sexual, just as did the Vietnam war in the 60s and 70s.

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From the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: Puritan – a member of an English religious group in the 16th and 17th centuries which wanted to make church ceremonies simpler, and who believed that self-control and hard work were important and that pleasure was wrong or unnecessary.