Why some women applaud the Islamic State

By Serge Kreutz

Feminism is about the sexual order of a society. Feminism organises older and less attractive women in trade union manner to keep off and reign in younger and more attractive competitors. One of the tactics is to keep men under the thread of criminal prosecution for sexual contact that has been consensual at the time it occurred.

The bottom line is that feminists want to get rid of anything that attaches value to beauty, and they want to reign in men, especially their men, who take sexual liberties.

So, no prostitution, or only highly restricted and made unappetizing like denatured alcohol. Ever raising age-of-consent settings, regulating online dating, outlawing sexism to the point where flirting becomes a risk, and putting men in constant danger of being prosecuted for rape or sexual assault if they do not behave as women wish. Female infidelity, on the other hand, is acceptable, even progressive.

Now, feminist women have good reason to like the Islamic State.

OK, female infidelity is also not accepted in the Islamic State. But most women are not very concerned about whether infidelity for them is risk-less. What they definitely do not want is their men going astray and remain unpunished.

And when it comes to limiting this danger, this is where the Islamic State scores high with women.

Because for them, this is what counts most of all. Their men are only theirs. And no sex with other women.