What produces a soul

By Serge Kreutz

The idea that human behavior during a standard physical existence produces or modifies a soul is embedded in all major religions. The concepts of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are almost identical. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s karma.

When religions become political tools, soul-positive behaviors typically gets defined as a behavior that pleases rulers, ruling cliques, or ruling classes. Obviously, such definitions are tainted, or simply false.

On the other hand, it is not far-fetched to assume that any conduct that reproduces physical human existence also creates, grows, and enhances a human soul.

Thus, Kreutz Metaphysics teaches the belief that sexual conduct in general, and, more specifically, optimal orgasms are the principal soul-positive events in any person’s life.

Human bodies vanish for certain. The optimal sex a person has experienced during his or her lifetime swings in space, quite possibly in its own multiverse edition, eternally.

The agenda of adherents to Kreutz Metaphysics thus is obvious: optimize your sexual experience, with far-reaching disregard for the consequences this may have on one’s own physical existence, or social conventions, or public morals, or human societies, or mankind overall.

Because only your karma, your accumulation of optimal sex, will exist for eternity.