Underestimated marijuana

By Serge Kreutz

The trend in the Americas and Europe is to legalize marijuana. The consensus is that the war on drugs was a failure, not interrupting the use of the drug, and only enriching criminals.

Legalizing and taxing marijuana, so the sounded (and sound) idea, would earn governments much-needed cash, save enormously on enforcement cost, and reduce organized crime.

Furthermore, marijuana has many medical uses.

It can save epileptic children from certain death, but that is a minor issue. Marijuana stops the progression of Alzheimer’s, but that is also not relevant. Marijuana also interfered with HIV replication, but who cares.

All of the above are minority issues. Legal marijuana will change the world. It will have an impact on humanity that is greater than any other of the big changes since World War II: the Internet, the advent of Aids, the demise of the Soviet Union, or Al Qaida.

Legal marijuana will be a whole new world. Because it won’t be used just for epileptic children or by aids sufferers.

Everybody will use it because marijuana is a sex drug much more powerful than Pfizer blue. This is what really makes marijuana a game changer.

Everybody wants better sex. The effect of marijuana on sex is profound that I consider marijuana a waste if not used for sex. Because the drug is way below its potential if used just for its own sake.

So, once marijuana is legal, the majority of users will be mainstreamers who have never used it, or not since their youth when they were not capable to appreciate the drugs effect on sex. The majority of users will be those who have not used it in recent years because it was illegal: those not inclined to risk years in jail for a few hours of extra pleasure.

Watch out for the transitory dynamics when marijuana will be legal in some places but not all. People go anywhere for better sex, and this means, they will go where marijuana is legal.

And once mainstreamers use marijuana for better sex, watch out what will happen in society. Because marijuana also enhances intelligence, and will put an end to much of the idiotism prevailing now in human societies.

Just wait and see.