Tongkat ali inhibits aromatase and phosphodiesterase

Recent research has now explained how tongkat ali (scientific name: Eurycoma longifolia) has the double benefit of making sex better and increasing muscle mass. The trick is achieved by tongkat ali inhibiting the action of two enzymes, aromatase and phosphodiesterase.

A proper scientific study can be read here:

Eurycomanone, the major quassinoid in Eurycoma longifolia root extract increases spermatogenesis by inhibiting the activity of phosphodiesterase and aromatase in steroidogenesis


Steroidogenesis is the body’s own production of testosterone.

Scientific studies are often no easy texts, even for intelligent people, if they are not specifically educated in the field of the particular research. But there is no way around scientific studies. Any claims towards pharmaceutical action that are not supported by scientific studies are likely just bullshit.

Any I view it as one of my tasks to refer to scientific research and elaborate on its impacts.

Scientifically minded bodybuilders know very well that aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Testosterone builds muscle, and estrogen builds breasts while inhibiting muscle growth.

Because aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen, a potential side effect of anabolic steroids is gynecomastia, the development of female breast tissue in men. Among bodybuilders, this is simply called gyno.

Some bodybuilders take anabolic steroids, others don’t. There is no doubt that anabolic steroids have a dramatic effect on muscle mass. They also have side effects, which is why they are prescription drugs. And gyno is one of these side effects.

To combat the side effects of anabolic steroids, scientifically minded bodybuilders have been taking tongkat ali extract alongside anabolic steroids for many years. The scientific study referred to above indicates that they got it right.

And it’s not just that tongkat ali inhibits aromatase. It also stops another enzyme unwanted by modern men: phosphodiesterase

Phosphodiesterase is what reduces the manliness of men of advancing age. It makes them infertile and impotent. Pfizer’s Blue and Lilly's Beige are common phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and by inhibiting phosphodiesterase, these drugs allow even old men to continue to have erections. Not only erections, but also children. Because phosphodiesterase not only interferes with erections but also shuts down sperm production and shrinks testicles. And tongkat ali, by inhibiting phosphodiesterase and aromatase, does it all: build muscle, increase sexual desire, improve erectile function, heighten sexual joy, and amend fertility. And for all these benefits, tongkat ali itself is largely free of side effects. If the tongkat ali is genuine, that is.

90 percent of what is sold as tongkat ali is actually tribulus terrestris, or Chinese white powders blended with tribulus terrestris, usually in Singapore.

I find it just amazing how willing people are to send money to some eBay or Amazon sellers who sell shit and claim it’s tongkat ali, without any reference to the source of their product, and even without a single tongkat ali photo.

My advice is: buy a genuine, government-approved tongkat ali extract, or just go without tongkat ali.

Genuine tongkat ali extract, sure, is not cheap, but it’s worth its costs for those who can afford it.