The seed of love

By Serge Kreutz

You can engineer love quite easily, with just a few tricks, but only if a seed is already there. The skill is in making the seed blossom.

The seed can be of various kinds.

1. Physical attractiveness. Whether you are male or female, if you are physically attractive, this is something to build on.

2. An intimate relationship. You can always turn an intimate relationship into love. This may sound strange to readers in Europe and the Americas where one assumes that love must come before intimacy. But in fact, in many non-Western cultures, marriage comes before love, and certainly before love-making.

3. Close friendship. This is a seed that usually is hard to germinate, especially if not accompanied by physical attractiveness.

4. Flattering. This may work with older, less attractive women and is a technique applied by gigolos. This may lead to intimacy which is easy to build on.