The pursuit of sexual joy

By Serge Kreutz

In our indefinitely short lives, I can see only one occupation, which is worthwhile to be pursued: optimal sexual joy. Every other endeavor really is but a ridiculous waste of time.

I hold that this philosophical position is valid for everybody, and for women as it is for men. Sexual satisfaction is the only purpose in life that makes biological sense.

I am aware of the dilemma this assertion poses for two groups of people:

1. those who have sexual desires that are unacceptable to the society a person lives in.

2. women in traditional societies, especially in Asia.

For the first group, people with sexual preferences that are not acceptable in societies where they live, the question arises whether they should pursue optimal sexual joy, even if it means to break the law?

Pondering this question, I feel fortunate that I am free of criminal inclinations as related to sexual conduct. I do not rape women. I prefer woman with own strong sexual desires, and I do not seek situations in which a woman would feel overpowered.

Of course, a sexual relationship outside wedlock, which is fully acceptable to me, would be considered criminal conduct in much of the Muslim world; but I avoid strictly Islamic countries.

Would I change my sexual inclinations if they were outlawed?

I am committed not to break any law, as I do not intend to waste my life in a prison. The preference therefore is to settle at a location where my sexual conduct is not in conflict with the law.

On the other hand, my sexual desires, and their optimal satisfaction is the only thing that is absolute in my life, and thus, they are not negotiable.

Ethics, after all, are arbitrary, and values are as variable as fashions. The solution is not to break the law, but to go somewhere, where the legal climate is milder.