Sexuality as principle force in life

By Serge Kreutz

I have a metaphysical opinion of sex. It is the essence of life, its only real value. Everything else is subordinate.

Sex is not just entertainment. It is on a level with what religious service was in times when religions were still plausible.

Which is why the topic is misplaced on the entertainment pages of newspapers and magazines.

It is sad that the entertainment industry has seized sex. Television game shows are entertainment. Movies are entertainment. Music is entertainment.

Entertainment as such lacks relevance. More often than not, entertainment is brainless. It’s a waste of time.

All of these attributes do not fit sex. Sex is relevant, the source of genuine self-fulfillment.

Humans have developed a set of notions to express metaphysical ideas. Among them is the concept of a universal force to which one relates by means of one’s religion, and from which one draws reassurance in a world that lacks in sense.

Traditional religions, primarily Christianity, have lost credibility among most of those who formally profess it. A large number of people now go without any metaphysical dimension to their lives. But they sure value their sexual experience.

An ideology can provide a metaphysical dimension of sex and orgasm. And as man’s metaphysical concepts typically are carried in what we know as religion, it is but fitting that such an ideology should claim the status of a religion. Sex is sacred. [1] [2]

Sex, and not any other kind of god, is the source of all life. While this is clear from a purely biological, scientific perspective, this simple axiom still hasn’t been established as the basis of a religion. It should have been.

It is obvious that all higher forms of live are created through the mechanisms not only of sexual selection but also based on sexual drive. And the sexual drive not only rules the rational dimension of species that are capable to think (primarily Homo sapiens, but, to a limited scale, also other primates and mammals).

The sexual drive also determines the existence of other life forms such as amphibians or reptiles… and even of lower animals such as worms.

Sex is the universal force that we ought to worship. Sex is the master of nature, it rules all life.