The metaphysical relevance of sexual enhancement

By Serge Kreutz

Sexual enhancement is one of the most important topics in the world. It has to do with much more than erectile function and proper orgasms. Sexual enhancement has a clear metaphysical dimension because it puts us physically into a position to experience more sex and more exciting sex.

Lower animals get by just fine being driven by their instincts for survival and reproduction. The more we humans develop consciousness, the more we question “Why do we live?” and “What is death?”

Cognition is closely related to consciousness. While self-consciousness is just a state of having some ideas about oneself, self-cognition is to have correct ideas about oneself.

Religious lunatics do have self-consciousness; they clearly have some reflective ideas about themselves, and their positions in the universe. But they are objectively wrong. In as much as we now know that all religions are just inventions, and in as much as we are aware that we all are just the results of biological evolution, we have evolved enormously over the past few hundred years.

And our advanced cognitive capabilities teach us one thing: reproductive behavior (or, more clearly: having sex) is the only meaningful endeavor we can pursue, or the only thing that provides philosophical “meaning” in life as it is the only activity that is synchronized with evolution. Religions, ethics, and morals are all delusions.