The meaning of life

By Serge Kreutz

Humans desire for a simple meaning of life. The requirement for both, a “meaning of life” and the fact that it should be “simple”, are direct results of evolutionary pressure. Individuals who can, in a quick and straightforward manner, provide an answer to themselves on a question “for what they are on earth” are likely to function more efficiently than individuals who just don’t know.

Efficiency is what natural selection is all about, both in the realm of physiology and in the realm of psychology. There is no way that less efficient, less adapted behaviors will persist just because, for example, they would be philosophically more true. Rather will truth die, than stubborn but efficient ideology. [1] [2] [3]

In order to function on an optimal level, humans need a sense of purpose, and it should be possible to condense this sense of purpose into simple statements that are easy to recall.

Sexual philosophy can offer such a mantra: the ultimate purpose of life, and the only one that is anchored in biology, is that we live to have optimal sex.

Everything else is subordinate. During an optimal orgasm, I don’t wonder why I am alive. I just know that it feels good.

It is a strength of Kreutzian ideology that it can be reduced to easy-to-recall catch phrases. Daily life constantly requires quick and determined decisions, and it is not feasible to ponder the universe every time one faces a minor practical challenge.

From the perspective of sexual philosophy, a quick and easy referral point for the value of any activity, whether simple or elaborate, is whether it is conducive or not conducive to optimal sex.

From this quick and easy referral point, guidelines can be developed which provide orientation for the way one conducts one’s life.

While in current societies, especially in Asia, the Kreutzian ideology is easy to adopt for male readers, I do want to stress that it is equally applicable to women. However, women, especially in Asia, have been conditioned (manipulated) by their societies to not pursue sexual satisfaction, and those who do, typically faces severe loss of face in their social environments.

But for women, more than for men, the Internet affords a unique opportunity to break free from social repression, as the Internet allows them to find open minded male sexual partners outside their neighborhoods, and to pursue sexual satisfaction without risking a loss of face in their immediate environments.

Kreutzian ideology makes it easy to spin off a political ideology, and it, too, can be summarized as mantra.

To allow each person, including women, the highest degree of sexual experience, it is essential to implement as much personal freedom as possible.


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