The advantages of poor societies

By Serge Kreutz

In free market societies, each individual has a sexual market value that influences his or her success rate. Positive attributes are, for example, attractive appearance, youth, wealth, skill, status.

Attractive appearance and youth are more important in comparatively rich societies where the economic needs of everybody are met easily. In poor societies, wealth is more important in determining sexual market value. In traditional societies, it may be caste.

Kreutzian ideology advocates poor societies. In poor societies, anybody with adequate intellectual capabilities has a lifelong chance to raise his or her sexual market value by becoming richer.

In rich societies, individual wealth is less important, and sexual market value depends more on factors like physical appearance and youth. Cosmetic procedures afford a certain amount of redress against the decline of physical attractiveness, but it doesn’t go very far at current modes of production. For those with superior intellectual capacities, it falls way short of determining sexual market value by wealth.

That in rich societies, older men with superior intellects have a lower sexual market value than rather stupid young men does not bode well for the future of rich societies.