Target of strategies

Men, and even boys, have male strategies to achieve sexual satisfaction. These strategies are success-oriented, and they have two targets at whose expense success is achieved.

The one target are other men who have to be won against in a competition for access to females. Competition against other men can be constructive such as improving the own sexual market value by improving ones own physique, or ones quality as a lovemaker. Or they are destructive by undermining the sexual market value of other men. Examples of undermining male competitors could include cheap booze for others, or rumour mongering, or racist activity and propaganda aimed at putting down large groups of competitors.

The other target of male strategies are women. In this context, strategies include advantage-taking, cheating and a whole pletora of other forms of dishonesty.

Women don’t like male strategies that target women. Women want men to conform to their own ideas on what characteristics men should possess. That is quite natural, and women are not to blame for this. Alas, there is no happy synthesis for male and female sexuality. There always is a tilt towards one or the other.

That human sexuality is designed for conflict makes for its evolutionary edge.