Taking over territory

By Serge Kreutz

I want to encourage people to go ahead with dreams to create a world by another design.

It is not necessary to convince everybody to adopt a ruling ideology. It isn’t even necessary to convince a majority. The shape of societies is determined by dedicated groups which are sufficiently organized to impose social structures on the rest.

Most people are undecided on what belief system to subscribe to. They can be shaped to go along with the ideology of a dedicated elite, whatever the ideology.

A few years, and sometimes just a few months, or weeks, are enough to totally change societies, if those who pursue the change are strong enough. History is full of examples: the IS or the Taliban conquering territory. The Nazis taking over Germany. The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Maoist Cultural Revolution.

Ideological groups take over, and then a society is quickly changed to conform to their ideas.

Ideological groups will succeed all the more the better they are organized. The historic achievement of Lenin was not Communist theory but the pattern he created for party-building. I am not a Communist, as I do not believe in collectivism as an economic system. But I am aware that well organized groups are extremely powerful, especially if they have a guiding ideology (or religion)