Sexual infrastructure

By Serge Kreutz

People all around the world are more practical-minded than moral authorities want to accept, and this specifically includes young women. They do not need a science of sexual economics to understand sexual economics.

Often, young women comply with stringent social standards much less because they would be convinced that they are appropriate, but rather because there is no practical solution to circumvent them.

Living out their sexuality is a dangerous undertaking for young women in many countries of the world. They could be stoned in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, murdered by relatives in Turkey or Albania, and expelled from their homes and families even in such sexualized societies as Italy and Brazil.

Open sexual conduct of their daughters can bring shame to loved-ones, and cause a girl’s dear mother to suffer a heart attack.

All of these are circumstances that are hardly conducive to uninhibited sexual adventuring. So, women conform to society’s rules.

But if the right infrastructure is provided to circumvent society’s rules, young women will be much more inclined to pursue sexual relationships.

The right infrastructure primarily means a sufficient degree of secrecy. This requires a discreet mode of transport, such as a closed van, and a secluded venue, such as a house that can be entered without any neighbor being able to spot who is going in and who is going out. It also requires discreet means of communication.

It also helps to have a track record for being trustworthy. In rather repressive countries, such as those in the Arab world, it is of great advantage not to be a local. Practical-minded local women in such countries are weary of local men, as they may be religious fanatics.

Most people would be surprised to learn to what extend young women are willing to try sexual relationships for the fun of it if only no negative consequences are to be feared.

The above favorable conditions could be defined as the right sexual infrastructure. While factors such as good looks, charm, and being intelligent and educated, are all important, it is also true that all of these will get a man nowhere if you can’t put into place a favorable infrastructure.