Sexual economics and refugee migration

By Serge Kreutz

A large number of refugees from Asia and Africa are trying to migrate to Europe. As of this time, many men and women in Europe are still confused about the implications on sexual economics. Men and women still view refugee migration in line with political affiliations or political sympathies. This will change once awareness of the effects of refugee migration on sexual economics has trickled down.

Migration from countries with higher levels of male violence will likely up the violence levels in Europe. This may be unpleasant for men and women in Europe, but it sure is more unpleasant for women and girls than for men. Women will become more protection-oriented. This enhances the sexual market value of European males.

When protection concerns in relationships are more pronounced, females will likely compromise on other aspects. Women will be more interested to preserve relationships, even if they are not ideal. Even within relationships, females will trade more sex for protection.

In societies with a higher level of inherent violence, feminist demands get pushed into the background.

Furthermore, refugee immigrants import social, mostly Islamic, models of society which are biased towards men, in contrast to Western European leftist liberalism which is biased against men.

The presence of an Islamic model of society in Europe is good for European men, whether they convert or remain non-religious. Either way it supports their sexual interests.