Sexual desires

By Serge Kreutz

Lean back. Close your eyes. Try to remember the best sexual fantasies you ever had. Voila, this is where you want to be.

Some things in life are absolute: one’s sexual desires. To pursue them is the ultimate goal in his life. Whatever they are.

The stronger a man’s or woman’s sexual desires the luckier he or she is.

Leaning back, closing your eyes, and no pressing sexual desires appear? Something’s wrong!

The first precondition for a satisfying lifestyle, as well as to avert depression and obesity, and actually, for overall health, and yes, for happiness per se, are strong sexual urges.

No sexual urges, and you are flat. No sexual urges, and you won’t feel what you are living for.

Sexual desires are absolute. Their rightness cannot be questioned. Whatever form they take, for the person’s in whose mind they appear, the satisfaction of precisely these desires is the closest he or she can get to having a purpose in life.