Priests’ dialectical sex cover

By Serge Kreutz

Every healthy human being has a sex drive. It appears with the onset of puberty. While girls typically enter puberty slightly earlier than boys, the male sex drive typically is more aggressive.

Young and old, male and female, can keep a lid on their sex drives. A lid means: keep it to oneself.

Up to the 19th century, boys were beaten up when discovered masturbating. Repeat offenders were put into restraining jackets.

The principle effect was that most boys found ways not to be caught. And never talked to anybody about it. And would swear they never do it.

Many priests are like boys. It is questionable that they believe in God. But being a priest is a good cover for a comfortable life. Even a sexual one.

Many men, especially in the US, have become Catholic priests because it used to be a perfect cover for homosexual, pedophile inclinations.

Men with forbidden sexual inclinations can be quite imaginative in finding covers for sexual satisfaction without having to fear punishment. That is why businessmen go international (but not to Saudi Arabia), and why anywhere around the world, the percentage of sadists is higher among prison wardens than the general population.

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When certain sexual deeds are prohibited, humans with an inclination towards them will work on alternatives where the dangers of getting beheaded or incarcerated are reduced. That is why there is pornography. And when pornography is prohibited, people still have their fantasies.

Who wants to guess how many people imagine something different when they have intercourse with a spouse?

Many people want more than their fantasies. Some at least want pornography. And those who get a kick only out of child pornography will go a long way to set up an appropriate cover.

For those who derive pleasure from looking at child pornography, being a police investigator on child porn would be a perfect cover.

Of course, not every man who realizes that being a police officer on that beat would be the perfect cover, will be able to join the police force. Typically, if one doesn’t decide to become a police officer in one’s early 20s, the chance for that kind of a career has passed for good.

But then, one can still become an anti-child pornography and anti-child prostitution activist. Or even better: a private child prostitution and child pornography investigator in an exotic land. It’s the dialectics of being able to be a preferred consumer of something that one pretends to work against.

What goes on in the head of a Catholic priest who migrates from Europe to Southeast Asia to work with child prostitutes? Sexual stimulation and sexual satisfaction do not require physical contact. Some men can derive a lot of sexual stimulation from being in a sexual environment that matches their sexual inclinations, but they always finish off masturbating alone.

For a man with such a mind architecture, nothing would be more suitable than being a priest, working with child prostitutes in Southeast Asia. He can ask child prostitutes to relate to him all they experienced, and maybe they even show him something. Under the pretext of working on legal charges, he can request that the same story be told again and again, with ever more colorful detail. He also can set up a shelter, so that he can have the victims around him for much of a day.

While a large number of child sexual abuse cases have been uncovered in orphanages and shelters for children, a priest may consider it too risky, to touch the child prostitutes he rescued. But then, one also can’t touch the girls shown in child pornography. And who says that that having a 12-year old girl in front of you, telling her rape stories would be less stimulating to a man whose sexual fantasies thrive on such stories.

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