Pramipexole (Mirapex) tested

By Serge Kreutz

I have been able to get some pramipexole (Mirapex) tablets. Pramipexole is a second-generation dopaminergic agent that is not ergot-based (bromocriptine and cabergoline are derived from ergot). I have done my usual sexual enhancement tests for pramipexole.

Unfortunately, the results were nowhere as positive as with bromocriptine and cabergoline, or even apomorphine.

A quarter of a 0.125 mg Mirapex tablet only caused slight nausea, even when taken with food, and had no noticeable pro-sexual effect in me. Taking half of a Mirapex tablet (about two hours before sex) only resulted in a more noticeable nausea no better libido, no better erection, and no effect on orgasm.

I combined the Mirapex with sildenfil citrate. The nausea was not aggravated, and there was no tachycardia (increased heart rate). The sildenafil citrate contributed to the erection, and that was it.

With bromocriptine, I regularly get into a state of mind where I would think: “Oh, boy, I need this so much.” With cabergoline, I could go on and on, and have much more powerful ejaculations than when sober.

I can combine 2.5 mg bromocriptine with 0.5 mg cabergoline and have the benefit from both. I tried a quarter of a Mirapex tablet with 2.5 mg of bromocriptine, and just had a slight nausea with the usual positive bromocriptine effect.

I wouldn’t know what benefit I derived from pramipexole, alone or in combination with bromocriptine and/or sildenafil citrate.

I do recognise that not everybody will react the same way on pramipexole. The following is the assessment of a friend who likewise has many years of experience with dopaminergic agents and yohimbine:

“I take 2 pills, spaced 1 hour apart. When I take them at the same time, my heart starts beating quickly and my blood pressure goes up, so I like to space them out to get a slower onset. I have not read of other people having this problem, so perhaps it is an unusual side effect. I start feeling some sexual effects after one hour, and find the effects are fairly noticeable at 2-4 hours. The effects are definitely enhanced by taking some yohimbe at the same time. However, the yohimbe also increases the heart-rate and blood pressure side effect that I have. With the pramipexole, both erection and sexual sensations are enhanced. When I take 10mg sildenafil citrate and pramipexole together, my girlfriend tells me that I feel extremely large and hard to her (even if she doesn’t know I’ve taken them).”

I still have a supply of pramipexole and would like to exchange it for cabergoline.