Planning your life, and your death

By Serge Kreutz

You want the best sexual satisfaction possible while you are alive, and you want to end life with a comfortable death.

During your life, you will have to spend more time on the logistics of sexual satisfaction possible than taking care of a comfortable death.

Taking care of a comfortable death involves avoiding situations in which there is a substantial risk for a non-comfortable death. You don’t want to work in a coalmine (see youtube here), and you don’t want to be a soldier. You avoid, as good as you can, boarding aircraft, and you don’t entrust your body and mind to surgeons when you can avoid it. You don’t want to be reanimated when you are in a coma.

When organizing your comfortable death, you don’t need much advice. Common sense goes a long way.

It’s a different story when organizing the best sexual satisfaction possible. On that topic, good advice makes a huge difference. This is the case because so much depends on where you live.

There also is a component of personal taste. For some men, to sleep with a different prostitute every day or night is their idea of a sexual paradise. For other men, it’s to have a longer-term relationship (though not an indefinite one). And for others, again, the goal is several parallel love-based relationships .

Location and an understanding of sexual economics are crucial. Even for those frequenting prostitutes, there is a huge difference in the quality of service they can expect in different parts of the world. Generally speaking, South America and Southeast Asia provide much better value than North America or Europe.

Prostitutes are not my shoe, and beyond the above general assessments, I can provide no guidance for those who seek paradise in the arms, or other places, of prostitutes. My expertise is on genuine love relationships.

A considerable age difference often adds to the sexual excitement in a relationship. A teenager can have the most memorable sexual encounters with women more than twice of age, and being older, many prefer younger partners.

In the US, relationships with a considerable age difference appear immoral, and in some constellations are illegal, but in other parts of the world (Vive la France!), there is a better understanding of the charming aspects of such relationships.

If you plan to pursue multiple parallel love-based relationships, you will likely have to relocate to where the dynamics of sexual economics are more in your favor.