Offering too much sex

By Serge Kreutz

Some girls and women think that giving a boyfriend or husband as much sex as he could possibly want is an important aspect of their strategy to keep a guy forever.

So they let him have sex whenever he wants it. And when having sex, they try to give him so much of it that he impossibly could stomach more. The amateurish logic behind this is the idea that when he gets all the sex he could possibly want from his girlfriend of wife, then he won’t have appetite for others.

Indeed, if men are discovered of being sexually unfaithful, and if their steady partner, in one way or another, keeps them sexually short, or when they have been away from each other for some time, men may indeed cite as excuse the fact that at a time they were in need of sex, their normal partner has not been available.

But this is merely a convenient excuse that allows them to keep face. When men desire sexual contact with girls or women other than their regular partner, it’s almost never because their wife or steady partner would not be available when they have sexual urges. If at all the two are related, then rather in the opposite manner: men seek sex with other girls and women because their wives or steady sexual partner gives them too much sex.


Then think of the following: the key sexual factor that keeps men sexually interested in a girl or woman is that he feels a definite desire for sexual contact with her. But you can only desire what you don’t have, not what you get in abundance.

I do not mean that wives and girlfriends should say no when a husband or boyfriend demands sex. But they should limit their attempts to seduce a husband or boyfriend to those occasions when the wife or girlfriend herself needs sexual satisfaction. They should never try to seduce a husband or boyfriend for purely strategic considerations (so that he won’t have appetite for other girls). This strategy surely would backfire. The only thing it can achieve is that a man will be bored with a woman faster than otherwise would be the case.