Morals reflect interests

By Serge Kreutz

Morals are arbitrary. They do not relate to an absolute, general right and wrong. But this is not nihilism.

Morals exist. It’s just that they are not high ground. Because morals just relate to interests, many of them sexual.

Those who consider themselves moral nihilists but live along in accordance to their biological, sexual urges are usually just opposed to current moral systems based on religions and sex-negative ideologies.

They do have a value system. It’s just that it has not been well articulated.

The Kreutzian value system is: a comfortable death, and before that, during one’s lifetime, optimal sex.

For a true nihilist, this value system would be no better than that of a Catholic priest.

Evolution has resulted in men competing with each other for the most, and the best, females. Evolution has also resulted in women competing with each other, maybe not so much for the most men, but definitely for the best men.

These mechanisms will be not be overcome.

Nature has determined men and women to compete with each other. But nature has also equipped men and women with the capability to act in solidarity for the benefit of each of those who act in solidarity, and first to exclude, and then to overcome opponents. Solidarity, for example, to create societies that allow an optimum of personal, including sexual freedom in an atmosphere of safety.

But even a gentle, sexualized society will produce losers. And they will have morals. Other morals.