Migration from and to Third World countries

By Serge Kreutz

The US and Canada are siphoning off young talents in Third World countries.

Talents in almost any academic subject are invited to emigrate to the US and Canada, and can apply at any embassy. Green cards depend on proving talent.

Not only academic talents, but also those who have a talent for making money, can apply. Now, that talent, one proves not with textbooks but with checkbooks. Anyone who offers to invest between half a million dollar and two million dollar in either the US or Canada have residence permits issued on the fast track.

Rich countries woo highly skilled migrants


Unwittingly, these are phenomena which are positive from the perspective of male public sexual strategies. Having Third World countries becoming developed and richer would diminish male advantageous that are tied to societies of economic need.

Young scientific and technical talents have a great incentive to migrate to North America. Better salaries. And businessmen who made a lot of money in the Third World consider it social climbing to migrate to North America.

For migration in the opposite direction, a strong incentive is needed.

Not more luxuries. In this respect, the Third World cannot compete with North America or Europe. But who needs luxuries when personal relationships are romantic and satisfying?

The US is hypocritical, prudish, and bigot. Even though the US likes to think of itself as the “Land of the Free”, on a very practical scale, it restricts the personal, and sexual, freedom of many of its inhabitants to a larger extent than do or did many Third World countries. Religious fundamentalism in North America has long achieved a high degree of psychological self-castration among North Americans. And those who do not accept de-sexualisation have long been looking at other countries as alternatives.

Before the governments of Third World countries came under the influence of US moral imperialism, there were fewer sexual restrictions in most non-Islamic Third World countries than in North America or Europe. Actually, many Third World governments didn’t concern themselves with regulating the sexual conduct of the people they ruled.

A higher degree of sexual freedom is the one advantage that many Third World countries have had until not so long ago, or still have. Preserving, or restoring, this edge can cause a pronounced migratory trend.