Maximizing sexual experience

By Serge Kreutz

In rich First World countries, men face problems maximizing sexual relationships . Of course, any man can engage in a single long-term sexual relationship with a single partner. This is an option open to virtually everyone in a First World country. That every man should have one woman also matches the idea of equal and just allocation of resources, which is an ideological pillar of Western social democracies.

By contrast, non-Christian Asian countries, as well as Third World countries in general, are better suited for an agenda of optimizing a man’s sexual experience.

In Third World countries, a general situation of chaos will often mean less social control over those ho transgress anti-sexual local morals. Non-Christian Asian countries have a higher acceptance of sexual pleasure per se. In both, Third World countries and Non-Christian Asian countries, one furthermore finds a higher acceptance of the exchange of material values and sexual gratifications.

This does not mean prostitution. To classify a sexual act as prostitution, more defining elements are needed than just the fact that one party receives anything of value for granting sexual access. A prostitute grants sexual gratifications indiscriminately to everyone who is willing to pay. She is highly promiscuous.

Young women in Third World countries who prefer richer boyfriends over poorer ones cannot be classified as prostitutes, even if they expect material benefits.