Mass air travel only benefits carriers

By Serge Kreutz

Some things in this world, and in our lives, are bad, and some things are wrong. Bad things are those that have an unwanted effect. Wrong things are those that do not function as we expect it.

Some things are bad. Some things are wrong.

Mass air travel is both bad and wrong.

That people can travel just anywhere within hours is bad because it diminishes the exclusivity one could otherwise enjoy by being different in a different place. (It has many other bad effects, but those I am primarily interested in relate to sexual matters.)

Mass air travel is also wrong because for the mass of air travelers, their journeys do not yield genuine benefits. These people are just misguided by a travel industry that primarily wants to sell its products, which includes mileage in aircraft.

Air travel is also wrong because it is intrinsically more dangerous than other modes of transport. In this context, I am really not interested in statistics. Air travel is unsafe because there are no safety options to fall back on when something goes wrong. And there will always be something that goes wrong.