Marijuana life extension

By Serge Kreutz

Yeah, marijuana stops the progress of Alzheimer’s, and thus extends life. For those infected with HIV, it extends life because the drug interferes with the replication of the virus. And marijuana is effective against some cancers.

Life extensionists typically focus on adding years to a life, and dream of an indefinite lifespan. And because there is no sound science that would put this into reach, many life extension groups or websites just make money selling vitamins and supplements, and some pharmaceuticals, under wildly exaggerated claims.

I am in favor of life extension, and an expert on the topic, but I have a totally different approach.

First of all, time is relative (hello Einstein, I am Zweistein). Not only time is relative, but time perception even more so.

Therefore, an important aspect of life extension is to slow down time perception. There are a number of practicalities in doing so, some behavioral and some pharmaceutical. First, behavioral. Avoid routines. All routines accelerate time perception.

For a life that feels long, move often. And marry often, if you can handle it.

Next, pharmaceutical. The drug I am talking about is marijuana.

Marijuana slows time perception. You can easily verify this by listening to music when high or stoned. Your time perception is so slow, you can differentiate every tone played on every instrument… something impossible when off marijuana because the tone sequences just pass to quickly.

It’s nice to live slower when listening to music.

But the real benefit of marijuana slowing time perception is during sexual activity.

Even if I have sexual activity for an hour, I like this to feel like 3. And mind you, premature ejaculation is a problem of physiological impatience, easily cured by marijuana.