Marijuana cure for racism

By Serge Kreutz

Racism is an ugly social disease. And it would be so easy to cure: just let people consume marijuana. It’s intrinsically anti-racist.

Marijuana is the anti-racism medication per se. On a marijuana high, people have a great potential to admire the world they see. To observe people from different cultures can be absolutely fascinating.

This is why marijuana is so different from alcohol. Alcohol intoxication simplifies the world. There is no sense for facettes, or different shades of culture and life-styles. For the drunkard, others are either the same as he himself, or the target of hate.

Quite logically, racism is most pronounced among the social segments of any society that has the highest alcohol consumption, and in those countries where men drink the most, e.g. Russia.

It is all the more surprising, therefore, that so many countries with populations that are the target of racism, nevertheless are supporters of marijuana prohibition.

Most of all, this concerns countries with populations of a darker complexion. By moving to the forefront of marijuana legalization, these countries could not only undermine racist attitudes in the west, but also profile themselves as heroes of a new age, Bob Marley’s of politics.

But the governments of these countries have basically been bought off to sign some idiotic UN treaties that bind them to outlaw marijuana. Even though these governments get some money from Uncle Sam for doing so, it is deeply against their own interest because it undermines their cultural emancipation.