Marijuana and sexual hallucinations

By Serge Kreutz

It is a hallmark of genuine hallucinations that as far as perceptions go, they are no different from the sensual input our minds experience in a sober state. Thus, there is no difference, really, between exiting events and exciting hallucinations.

Thus, if only we could generate hallucinations, and remain in control of what we hallucinate, such hallucinations could be a pool of outrageously good sex.

Can we agree on the hypothesis that at the end of the day (which is much more than every evening), what really matters in life is optimal sex followed by a gentle death.

If that axiom is true, many people, men more than women, are presented with the dilemma that their imaginations of the best possible sex would violate social norms, and possibly even the rights of other individuals, and be threatened with criminal sanctions or even violent self-defense, endangering the gentle death we have in mind for ourselves.

Therefore, hallucinating the desired events instead of living them in reality becomes a viable option.

Strong hallucinations can be engineered with a high THC strain of sativa cannabis.

Now, while the hallucinations are fairly easy to engineer as they will result from a sufficiently high dosage of that cannabis kind, it is far more difficult to assure that these hallucinations are pleasant and of a sexual nature.

For the pleasantness, it is important to be in a relaxed, unthreatened environment. Cops storming in and arresting everybody would be the last thing you want when going on hallucinations.

And for the hallucinations to be sexual, you would have to be in a sexualized state of mind. Many people can achieve this with a long-term regimen of tongkat ali, which is precisely why I consider tongkat ali such a good adjunct to marijuana. And finally, for one’s hallucinations to be sexual, one should be with a person who can provide some gentle sexual stimulation. This stimulation should not go all the way to an orgasm, and it should span most of the duration of the hallucination period of such a specific marijuana high. Many men become multi-orgasmic as long-term tongkat ali users. For them, such series of orgasms should be effected by the hallucinations, not by the stimulation of a partner. For men who are not multi-orgasmic (about 10 orgasms per hour without refractory periods) it will be better to have an orgasm only towards the end of the trip, in order to preempt fearful hallucinations.

High libido for the full duration of a hallucinatory cannabis application is the best safeguard against the experiment turning psychotic.