Marijuana and old-age dignity

By Serge Kreutz

Come on. Here you have men and women at an age of above 70, or even above 80, many of them with just about a year or two to live, or even less, and the government and police don’t grant them the right to consume a bit of cannabis for some old-age excitement in life. What a miserable and disrespectful attitude of those youngsters in police precincts, and law and regulation makers in parliaments and on councils.

While you, or we, as people of age, are pretty much at the mercy of those police officers, we do have a certain leverage on those in elected office.

Make it a principle to take part in any election, and vote solely on the basis of issues with a very direct impact on your daily life: not the federal budget, not gay marriage or abortion, nor immigration or gun control. While you may have opinions on these second: grade issues, neither way they are decided will influence your quality of life.

But cannabis legalization will. Legal cannabis will be a fountain of youth for your mind. And as cannabis protects against Alzheimer’s, it’s a fountain of youth even for your brain.

Now, if you aren’t of old age yet, go and vote for recreational cannabis-endorsing candidates nevertheless. Because you will be of old age sooner or later, and then, you will be glad that you will be allowed meaningful experiences, all in your mind, nevertheless.