Marijuana and love

By Serge Kreutz

In the 1960s, when marijuana became popular among the youth of Western countries, it lead to movements and ideologies associated with terms such as flower power, hippie, make love not war, etc.

I would say that marijuana caused these movements, and they will resurrect once marijuana will be widely available on a legal basis.

Just wait and see.

The reason why marijuana makes consumers of it more love-concerned is the fact that cannabis, among other things, is an anxiogenic drug, especially when used several times daily.

Anxiogenic means, it can induce anxiety. This anxiety can be present even if there is no immediate reason for fear.

So, how will people react when feeling anxiety, full-blown or borderline?

They will seek emotional shelter. And they find it in love.

Anxiogenics make people anti-aggressive. They do not want trouble.

That is the biggest difference to alcohol, which makes people daring.

Stoners are observers, they do not mess. And because they can see a wonderful world in everything, they do not display many of the other shitty attitudes of drinkers.

Where drinkers are racists, stoners are in acceptance of different races and different cultures.

Where drinkers prefer swastikas, stoners have their Peace sign.

Drinkers are insensitive, stoners try to understand the other.

You could provoke similar human reactions with other anxiogenics.

But other, synthetic anxiogenics won’t give users the instant reward of an it’s-a-wonderful-world feeling.