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Liberating the sexuality of women

By Serge Kreutz

It is a myth that men restrict the sexuality of women. Why should men restrict the sexuality of women? Men everywhere around the world are seekers of female sexuality. Men restricting female sexuality would be like thirsty people restricting access to water, or those in danger of starvation restricting access to food.

In order to elucidate who restricts access to female sexuality, one should examine who profits from such restrictions.

A certain portion of the world’s female population profits from the restrictions. Females in all cultures of the world traditionally are providers of sexuality. Only females in a certain age bracket, of course.

As a rule of thumb, providers of any service or product are interested to keep supply tight, as this increases the value of the service or product.

And indeed, women often can avail of astonishing prices for their sexual availability. Many women become rich by marriage, and some become even richer by divorce.

Apart from women themselves, the peddlers of religious lunacy profit from the restriction of female sexuality. They can sell all kinds of solutions and solace to frustrated men. Solutions like a paradise full of virgins, or solace like an assurance that those who do not have sexual opportunities will at least not be roasted in hell for eternity.

There are other profiteers, like the sellers of ersatz satisfaction and sportscars, and the traditional tabloid media but if female sexuality were not restricted, they would find other tricks to cheat the world.