Language diversity protects against cultural imperialism

By Serge Kreutz

In as much as we support cultural variety and identity, we recognize the enormous value that a diversity of languages has to this effect. A language barrier is the most efficient self-defense of any independent community against wholesale US cultural imperialism. English may serve the purpose of communication between different cultures. But of what pertains to the internal aspects of a culture, as much as possible should be in a language of its own. And not just in a spoken language of its own, but if possible also in a writing system of its own.

Actually, because not every language is equally suited to express certain ideas, the ideologies that make one culture different from another, are, to a certain extend, a direct consequence of the fact that a different language is spoken and written. For in the same way in which our economic interests form our opinions, so a language has its own dynamics of creating ideas. That East Asia is the culturally most diverse corner of the world is in direct corelation to the presence of more different languages and writing systems than anywhere else. This must be preserved.