Kreutz Metaphysics and gods or God

By Serge Kreutz

Life is a result of self-replicating molecules (RNA or structurally simpler nucleotide acids) with an intrinsic tendency to form ever more complex structures. This is plain chemistry. Given appropriate conditions, the occurrence of life is not accidental but a definite certainty. Because self-replicating and self-organizing molecules do just that: replicate and organize and replicate and organize, resulting in ever more complicated structures.

Sexuality, too, is an expression of the self-replication of molecules.

Even primitive organisms, like the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, consisting of just about 1000 cells, of which some 300 make up a nervous system, has it all, including a drive to eat, a drive to avoid destruction, and most of all, a pronounced sex drive.

Sexual motivation, based on the self-replication and self-organization of large carbon molecules, is the defining component of life.

Self-replicating and self-organizing large carbon molecules result in ever more complex patterns. And from a certain level of complexity onwards there are consciousness, self-consciousness, and self-cognition.

It’s a gradual occurrence. Worms probably have none of the three, and low vertebrate forms of life have it a little, and a few birds like the Hawaiian crow and Australian cockatoos, and primates, and dolphins, and elephants, have clear and quantifiable consciousness and self-consciousness.

But consciousness and self-consciousness, as grandiose they may appear to us, are not the defining element of life. Self-replication is.

Consciousness is a result of a complex pattern architecture with self-reference. Mathematical functions, so to say. Strange loops, they have been named. It’s quite plausible that computers may develop consciousness. They will easily surpass humans in the fields of knowledge, memory, and logic.

But they don’t have motivation. They still just execute programs. They are but tools, they are extensions of carbon-based life which created them for a competitive edge. They aren’t life in themselves.

And humans are not the final stage of the evolution of carbon-based life. Furthermore, evolution accelerates, it doesn’t slow down.

There will be humans, or super-humans, or post-humans, with much longer life-spans and much greater mental powers than the legacy wetware which current humans are.

If it hasn’t happened yet outside the the earth’s habitat, or on a different layer of the earth’s biotope that is outside the perceptive potential of humans, then the appearance and existence of gods is a logical consequence of evolution, and ultimately the result of carbon-centered molecules and their inherent self-organization into ever more complex patterns.

That the evolution of gods wouldn’t have happened yet is actually a very low probability, but maybe it’s true indeed that humans are the most advanced stage of evolution in our universe. That the probability of this is so small, lends credibility to the multiverse theory.

One way or the other, humans are a transient stage of evolution which logically must lead to gods, or maybe just one, who has or will have originated from carbon-centered self-replicating molecules.

Evolution on earth advances exponentially on a logarithmic scale. In a few thousand years, humans, or the gods that are the next step of evolution, have such immense capabilities that limitations to their power are much less defining than they are for current legacy wetware. The logic of forward-advancing time may be just one of the constraints that will be overcome.

And even though the origins of gods, or just one, are or will have been, carbon-centered molecules, gods obviously will have done away with with dirty metabolism long before having evolved as gods.

Much more likely than this being a scenario of the future, it is that, though in other universes, carbon-based evolution has passed the stage of humanity, and, quite possibly with the aide of conscious computers, achieved a transformation into gods, or just one.

They, or he, may be toying with our universe, and send a prophet every now and then.