1.7 Ideology with contradictions

I live alone and work alone. I do not have an editor who would read and judge my articles. Unlike other authors, I also do not have a wife with whom I would discuss my work.

This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The primary benefit is that I can be totally honest. I do not have to be politically correct. I am not subject to any censorship.

So, in one way, I can consider myself lucky.

But to be outside of any control can also be a handicap. Nobody can tell me reliably, which of my articles are good, and which one are not.

Sometimes, I can put down an idea in a few paragraphs, and everything fits. And sometimes, what I produce is off the mark.

Some better pieces have been written in a single go, from start to finish, without second thoughts. And the same is true for some pieces that are over the top or below my standard of quality.

People who do not write have little awareness of how difficult it is to judge one’s own work.

It’s as if an author gets desensationalized to his or her own sentences, just as everybody gets desensationalized for one’s own odors.

This is why in a professional setting, authors have editors. I do not have an editor. The best I can do is to re-read an article after a few months, when my brain has sufficiently rewired itself. Only then can I recognize what is expressed well, and what is quatsch.

I do want to formulate a consistent ideology for a world in which optimal sexual experience, followed by a comfortable death, is recognized as guiding principle. I cannot do this in one sitting.

Kreutz Ideology is a collection of pieces that have been written during more than 30 years. My basic ideas haven’t changed so it is befitting to publish them as one book. On the other hand, articles written more than 20 years ago represent not only my thought but also reflect on the modes by which I produced the economic frame of my existence. I re-read my work and eliminate strings to specific economic conditions of mine, as they are of no relevance to the Kreutz Ideology.

Kreutz Ideology of course does relate to modes of production. But not my modes of production of the day. Kreutz Ideology relates to the modes of production of a lot of people similar to me, and for those, including me, Kreutz Ideology is an adequate intellectual superstructure. It is in accordance to a current Zeitgeist.

Reviewing my work, I sometimes focus on one portion, and at other times on another portion of my ideology. As I go along, I often discover discrepancies that are due to the fact that the pieces assembled here have been pulled back from many editions, published during several decades. That some of the pieces pulled back were not even originally written by me, is further aggravating the situation. I try my best to sort them out, and to sort out discrepancies, as I work along. The final version will depend on when I die.