Humanity will self-destruct

By Serge Kreutz

So far, it hasn’t, simply because the means of destruction have been limited.

Several mechanisms work towards self-destruction. Most are irrational, some are predictable.

1. Some people want to die but they do not want to die alone. For example, pilots crash airplanes full of passengers to commit suicide. Very irrational.

2. Some people just hate. They hate other people, and they hate themselves. They do want to destruct as much as possible. Also irrational.

3. Many people intensely feel their low sexual market value. They may react as listed under 1 and 2. But they may also become self-sacrifying heroes for certain causes, and posthumously be idols. If they still were alive, they would have very high sexual market value within their peer groups.

4. Others may feel their low sexual market value and aim for the destruction of others only, expecting that after widespread destruction, they will have comparatively higher sexual market value. This is not irrational.

All of these tendencies are not new. They just failed to cause widespread annihilation because the technologies for that purpose were insufficient.

That will change.