How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea

By Serge Kreutz

When I first started taking bromocriptine for sexual enhancement, I just used a quarter of a 2.5 mg tablet, and even at this minimal dosage, I felt a slight nausea.

I did have great sex, though.

The first time was absolutely great, and I remember it in every detail. If I could repeat this experience every day, I would be the happiest man in the world.

Unfortunately, as with all dopaminergics, the effect wanes as one’s body gets used to the medication.

Of course, one can offset the increased tolerance by increasing the dosage. But for me, and many others, increasing the bromocriptine dosage also causes the most common side effect to become more severe: nausea.

I have been able to use bromocriptine more regularly only after I discovered what to do to avoid the nausea. It’s a recommendation that is easy to follow: eat a generous meal immediately before taking the bromocriptine.

For me, in order to avoid the nausea, this is essential. I can stomach a full 2.5 mg tablet of bromocriptine, provided the stomach isn’t empty when doing so.