Female public strategies

By Serge Kreutz

A comfortable death, and before that, during one’s lifetime, optimal sex, are the most reasonable endeavors for individuals with a high degree of self-cognition, regardless of whether they are male or female.


In many parts of the world, females are so preoccupied with meeting logistical needs (economic, and social) that they seldom progress to a stage where they would optimize sex. Often, satisfaction even falls short of emotional (romantic) needs.

In many parts of the world, females need men to fulfill economic needs like nutrition and shelter.

In many parts of the world, the social needs of females, such as protection and respect in communities, severely limit their leeway to experiment with the fulfillment of sexual, and even of emotional needs.

But if needs other than economic and social can be pursued, the fulfillment of emotional needs still is within easier reach than the fulfillment of sexual needs. For women in many parts of the world, to possess a man who is committed to his female partner, is considered a success, and all that is aimed for. Never mind if life is short of optimal sex.


Competition is often fiercer among women than competition among men. For men, a wide range of potential sexual partners usually qualifies.

But whom women regard as optimal, or even just suitable partners is a smaller selection of men.

Goals of women are:

– a man who really loves them, so there is a sense for a life-long partnership; sexually less attractive women put more emphasis on this qualification

– a man who is free of many negative characteristics that men often display; a man who isn’t violent, a man who doesn’t drink, smoke, gamble, and doesn’t go out with friends all night

– a man who fulfills the emotional, romantic needs of a woman; this relates to male behavior, and beyond that, to language; the fulfillment of many advanced emotional, romantic needs depends on language; people who cannot talk to each other, cannot love each other

– a man who fulfills the economic needs of a woman, especially if she is poor; because economic stability, or even wealth, is a prerequisite for freedom, and freedom is necessary if ever a woman wants to proceed to pursue optimal sex, intelligent females rightfully place the fulfillment of economic needs high on their list of priorities

– a man who fulfills the sexual needs of a woman; this goal is a luxury for many women in non-Western cultures

Good men are a minority. And the problem usually is that they are already in a relationship.

If a young women places her economic needs high on her agenda, she will often have to compete for a rich man who is already in a relationship.

And if a young woman in a traditional or Third World society aims to ever proceed to a stage of optimal sex, then her best strategy is to marry a rich North American or European man. A rich man from the Arab or Islamic world will not qualify because a high degree of female freedom would be out of reach.

Because older women who possess, and are married to, men with a sound financial base are blocking resources for which young women aim, young attractive women have little incentive for solidarity. This changes quickly once young women themselves become possessors.

For possessing women of declining sexual market value in rich Western countries, some of the most unwelcome competition are young women from Third World countries.

Such unwelcome competition may be foul-mouthed as sex toys or prostitutes.

But women are usually aware that publicly displayed envy won’t solve the problem. Therefore, measures against unwanted competition are masked.

Pretended concerns are: Western women have to protect their young sisters in Third World countries from hilarious Western men who are sex tourists out to marry women in Third World countries.

The legal systems of Western countries are also easily skewed by female public sexual strategies.

More than male sexual strategies, female strategies are transitory.

Mothers are genetically primed to be protective of their daughters, but later their daughters belong to a strata of females who potentially compete with the generation of their mothers for the generation of their fathers, and the generation of mothers is bound for defeat. Women can flip-flop strategies, depending of whether they are man-possessors or not, with the position of men ranging from being allies to being substitute targets.

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If a poll will be done among cattle farmers, the vast majority of them will support the assessment that eating beef is healthy. If one tells them that they are of this opinion because they profit from people eating beef, many of them will vehemently deny this “accusation” and start citing scientific research as well as authorities like their grandmother who reached the age of 95 on a diet that included beef daily.

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Now, if the same poll is done among vegetable farmers, the same result will be obtained, only that in this case, the health secret is vegetables instead of beef. And vegetable farmers, too, will likely react angry when accused of being impartial in favor of their profits.

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Just like farmers are of the opinion that eating their produce is healthy, all men and women typically are in favor of sexual mores that potentially benefit them. Their opinions are mind games in support of their interests.

Among all men, it is likely that good-looking young men will be most in favor of the abolition of criminal procedures against adulterers. On the other hand, married men in their forties will probably be more in favor of a strict punishment for adultery.

Both groups will cite all kinds of dishonest arguments in favor of their views, but will vehemently deny that their views have anything to do with their interests. Young good-looking men are interested in other men’s wives, and older married men don’t want to lose the women they regard as their own.

Women who have been abandoned by their husbands have another ideology than sexy girls who benefit from rich previously married men becoming available.

Neither of the two groups will admit that their opinions are mere reflections of their sexual interests. Rather, both groups will argue their points as matters of principles.

Coalitions on what people are for and against vary. And the aim to exclude unwanted competition can foster solidarity.

Women above 40 typically are in favor of restricting the sexual conduct of girls under 18. Females in developed countries are against their men traveling to Third World countries for sexual relationships. They will never admit that their views on these matters are a reflection of their sexual interests. They will pretend to act in solidarity. And they will join campaigns against child prostitution in Third World countries.

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