Female private strategies

By Serge Kreutz

Girls and women have economic needs, social needs, emotional needs, and sexual needs. They consider all four factors from a young age.

Girls and women have economic needs, and because female sexuality has a high exchange value, it is natural for girls and women to reap economic benefits from sexual relationships.

Girls and women have social needs. Because girls and women are more vulnerable then boys and men, the social need for protection is all the more pronounced the more violent a society.

Girls and women have emotional needs. They want to be assured of their qualities, including beauty and sexual desirability. This need exists strongly in female teenagers, which is why they are so romantic, and strongly, too, in women as they outgrow their prime, which is why they are easy targets for marriage impostors.

And then, girls and women have sexual needs. They may not be as predominant as they are in men. Girls and women can derive a lot of contentment from having emotional needs fulfilled, but sexual needs are always present in the background. Girls and women may pretend the absence of sexual needs because they do not want to endanger the fulfillment of economic, social, and emotional needs.

In societies in which the reputation of a girl or woman suffers greatly if her chastity is questionable, females will be very careful before they engage in anything sexual. Even towards a husband they may keep their sexual excitability secret.

But if the conditions are suitable, girls and women can derive a lot of sense-giving pleasure from optimal sex.

For girls and women in traditional societies, on the other hand, sexual satisfaction may be luxury that few can afford. For sexual strategies of females in traditional societies, local men are opponents rather than allies. Local men in traditional societies are often repressive and illiterate on the sexual needs of girls and women.

Because Western societies allow girls and women a much higher degree of sexual freedom than do traditional societies, females in traditional societies often have a natural affinity towards Western males.

Western feminists are not allies in the sexual interests of women in poor counties. Western feminists usually block sexual relationships between local women and Western men, even if these relationships would be highly beneficial to local girls and women.

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