Exploiting sexual jealousy in political careers

By Serge Kreutz

In any human society, people are most interested in sex. Sex occupies their mind, whether they admit it or not. And whether they are physically or socially able to have it or not.

Sexual jealousy also is a much stronger feeling than matetial envy. In democracies, poor people can live with the wealth and even the tax trickery of rich candidates. But sex scandals reliably finish political careers.

In the politics of liberal democracies, and even in the activities of NGOs, targeting the sexuality of others is a sure recipe for attention and votes.

Most poor men in poor countries are monogamous .. rather out of necessity than choice. Therefore, laws that restrict the sexual relationships of rich men are popular with those who don’t want others to have what they themselves anyway also cannot have.

And women in poor countries are generally in favor of laws and regulations that restrict sexual relationships of men.

The trend is implemented most easily in Islamic countries. It is also popular in countries where foreigners come for easy pickings.

When such a development takes off, those who can afford it go somewhere else, and take their money with them.

Men with money to spend and to invest will follow a trend to focus business activities on countries where there are easy or worthwhile sexual opportunities.

Malaysian investments in Cambodia are an example. And in Japan, in the early decades after World War II, companies set up mistresses for foreign business partners, thus luring them into focusing trade on that country.