The essence of Kreutz Metaphysics

By Serge Kreutz

Good sex generates good karma. Good karma generates good health and good luck.

It’s up to personal taste whether one wants to believe that karma (a rule of cause and effect) is just within a person, or radiates into the ether, or the cosmos, and whether it transcends, or does not, beyond one’s death.

But anyway, good karma is the result of good sex.

With religion, it’s the same as with love. Some people need it, some people don’t. Both of them, you can dissect, and arrive at the opinion that they are illusions, just illusions.

This doesn’t, however, capture and preserve what love and religion can give us.

Which is: a feeling of sense.

You may say, there is none.

OK, quite possibly there is none.

There is also no reason to be alive.

Sure, go and kill yourself.

But that doesn’t work either.

We are genetically not primed for suicide, and we are genetically primed for love.

And we may as well be primed to believe in something that transcends our physical existence. A kind of religion, so to say.

Kreutz Metaphysics is minimalistic, but it fulfills its purpose of conveying a sense of sense.

Don’t need it? Don’t believe it. But go for good sex anyway.