Escape civilization

By Serge Kreutz

A man who has made a million dollars in the West has good reason to stop making money. Or put that endeavor on a low burner. No need to be as rich as Bill Gates. It would be foolish.

Instead, he should escape civilization. And build his own kingdom in a less developed part of the world.

If married in the West, he should get divorced. He is underselling his sexual market value. And yes, he can get divorced in a civilized manner.

Anyway, she is in the way. A man will not be able to live his sexual dreams staying with a wife in the West. The wife may be an understanding companion. But on one issue she will not compromise. She wants her man all for herself.

In other parts of the world, and in other cultures, rich Western men have a very high sexual market value, even if older.

And it is easier for a man to design his life in a manner that avoids conflict among parallel love relationships.