Emotional debates about feminism

By Serge Kreutz

Debates among men and women about feminism easily turn emotional. Men often feel that feminism is mostly about defaming and restricting male sexuality. Women often feel that feminism is a good organized approach to show men that they are wrong.

Men see attempts to limit male sexual opportunities. They react emotional because, measured against male sexual desire, men already have much fewer sexual opportunities then they wish for. That is why many men won’t let a sexual opportunity pass unutilized, even if it is below their standards.

Women perceive feminism as being about justice. But requesting justice is just a refined demand of wanting one’s own interests represented.

Neuroscience shows that the physical reactions of fear (the fight-or-flight response with increased heart rate etc) occurs autonomously before we feel afraid. Our conscious awareness of feelings, including fear, is a delayed interpretation in our minds of what is going on already.

It’s the same with intellectual discourses about feminism. The gender-specific sexual interests predate any rationalisation. Reason is not about justice. It’s an abstraction to convince others to give us what we want.