Easy technique for engineering love

By Serge Kreutz

I can easily manipulate myself to love a certain woman, and I have a good success rate manipulating a woman.

This sounds dishonest and even outright dangerous.

But the technique is so simple that this simplicity by itself negates its classification as dangerous.

All you do is talk and listen. Talk about your own past relationships to install love in a woman, and listen to her relating relationship stories of her past.

This stories of past relationships of a partner will resound in a persons mind. They will create background imaginations, and make any person compare itself with sexual partners in the stories listened to.

This in turn will result in feelings of jealousy and defeat. If we constantly imagine a person in a sexual relationship with another person, we will miss this person, and interpret this longing as love.

This is quite similar to the jealousy we feel when a current sexual partner is unfaithful or has an ongoing affair.

But the jealousy accompanying the event of a partner being unfaithful is much stronger than the imagination of a previous sexual relationship.

And there is one great difference: if a current sexual partner has a parallel sexual relationship, we think of breaking up and getting out. This is, I think, a normal self-defense reaction.

But imaginations of past relationships usually do not contain this component. There isn’t really anything we can blame the partner for. A relationship in the past happened before the current partner knew us or loved us. In the context of most cultures, there is no guilt.