By Serge Kreutz

It’s not the richest man who gets the most and most beautiful girls. It’s also not the most powerful who fares best. And a person who may be in the top one percent of the sexual attractiveness scale will most probably not be the one with the best “body count” (the one who gains the highest number of best-quality sexual partners).

That man will fare best who knows best the tricks of the trade. It is essential to be a good liar. Honesty may not be the best policy. But you want others believe that you think that “honesty is the best policy.” Therefore, do repeat often that you do believe that honesty is the best policy. Only then can you be a perfect liar.

It’s essential to lie if you want to improve your body count. You want to be loved by as many attractive women as possible, and you want to be loved as deeply as possible.

But women are not that stupid. If they notice that you just want to consume them, they will be reluctant to love you deeply, and they may not even grant sex. Most women are not willing to invest emotion into men who just regard them as temporary partners.

Women usually are prepared to make concessions regarding physical attractiveness of men, if a man seems sufficiently serious.

“Seriousness”, at the end of the day, comes down to the willingness to marry. And to still be her husband when she is old and no longer attractive at all.

You don’t want that. You want to be a youthful lover to the end of your days, with a new genuine love affair at not-to-long intervals, or a good number of parallel love affairs at all times.

To be honest of your intentions will get you nowhere. That’s not where you want to go. You want to land in bed with her, and you want her to agree to that because she loves you. Hookers do not count in the “body count”.

It won’t be the most attractive men, and not the most powerful ones who score the best “body count”. A marriage impostor whom nobody suspects to be one will most likely win the trophy. So much for the tricks of the trade.