Detesting the preference for virginity

By Serge Kreutz

It is in the sexual interest of women who organize in solidarity unions to create a social climate in which men do not attach much sexual market value to virginity.

A corresponding public opinion is widespread in the West. A preference for virgins is associated with dirty old men, and men who are well assimilated to public opinion typically profess not to be interested in virgins.

Why? I assume that being a woman’s first men has its own specific charm.

Could it be that common Western legislation that does not prosecute close-in-age sexual conduct while punishing it when the man is older, is a machination of solidarity unions of women who aim to restrict sexual opportunities for older men?

Asia didn’t go through the Western sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. And Asian men have always cherished a woman’s virginity, not only culturally but also individually, especially when a man had, and has, the opportunity to be a girl’s first man. The sad side is that even though many Asian men cherish a girl’s or young woman’s virginity, they are often not sexually literate enough to make the sexual initiation of a girl an optimal experience for both.

In the west, wild rumors circulate on why Asian men have a preference for virgins. I have seen newspaper reports that claim that Asian men believe that sex with virgins cures venereal diseases. But this is an urban legend, born from a Western, quite possibly feminist, desire to have men with a preference for virgins appear detestable. It’s an urban legend based on much older tales. I know a comparative claim for the behavior of Spanish conquistadores in South America some 500 years ago. They allegedly had sex with native virgins to cure themselves of syphilis.

I do not know whether it’s true or not. But it sounds detestable. Dirty Western conquistadores with syphilis willfully infecting local virgins in foreign lands in an attempt to pass on the bug (and in this case: not the buck).

It sounds detestable especially to those who lack knowledge on one important aspect. Syphilis has been endemic in South America before the Spanish arrived, and the local population has been widely immune. Thus, the conquistadores were the ones who got infected, and they were the ones bringing the disease to Europe. And in Europeans with no communal history of syphilis, the bug was extremely virulent, much more virulent then it is nowadays, causing ugly disease, pain, and death, and effecting the sexual counter-revolution that marked the end of the renaissance.

So much for urban legends.

But Asian men do not have a preference for virgins because it would be a medical treatment. They may claim that having sex with virgins is invigorating, and they are right in this, but they really just understand this as a psychological effect, and again, they are right in this.

To be a girl’s first man can be a delighting experience indeed, and fools are who cannot value and cherish it.

To enjoy being a girl’s first man, one should have patience, lots of patience. What a waste to get done with it in 15 minutes. Such a defloration will only be painful for the girl, and the man wastes an extraordinary source of feeling delighted.

To be a girl’s first man should go on over several days. It should be done step by step. A girl that has never been touched by a man will first have to learn how good it feels to be embraced and be kissed at the right places. She should experience an orgasm before her first penetration.

A man who guides a virgin to her first sexual arousal and her first orgasm will himself feel a high degree of a very special sexual excitement that is not otherwise obtainable. And it’s better than just having his organ inserted into the girl’s.

This, anyway, should only happen after several sexual encounters in which the girl achieves orgasm. Only then will the girl be physically ready. She will be aware of what sexual excitement is all about, and she will generate the right amount of a very tender and soft lubrication, and her vaginal canal will expand to a suitable degree.

If then a defloration happens, it can be almost painless, and there is practically no bleeding. I anyway suspect that defloration bleeding doesn’t occur because of the breaking of the hymen but because a sexually illiterate young man without the necessary patience performs intercourse with a girl who is absolutely not ready because she is not aroused. I assume that then, the defloration bleeding is not from the broken hymen but from the wounding of a vaginal canal that hasn’t been provided the opportunity to elasticize itself through sexual arousal.

For a hymen is but a very thin ring of skin with minimal blood supply. Its breakage could not cause the strong hemorrhage that would be necessary for stained bed sheets.

Young men are almost always worse lovers than older men, and I think that girls should regard it as a blessing if their first man is a sexually literate older lover.

Older men will also have a much better capability to enjoy the extraordinary opportunity. As explained above, most of the enjoyment is psychological in nature. When a girl or young woman is guided knowledgably through her first sexual experience, she will be hugely excited, too. A whole new world opens itself to her. And this excitement is infectious in the best sense of the word. A man who is literate enough to participate in the girl’s or young woman’s excitement will not need much physical movement to achieve memorable climaxes himself.

Being a girl’s or young woman’s first man provides a huge opportunity to shape her sexual taste in accordance to the preferences of the man. Often, when I am with a young woman who had her first sexual experience with another man, or has had several other men, I am truly surprised how limited her repertoire is for doing things that feel good. In some Asian countries, standard sexual encounters really consist of nothing else but penetration. It’s over for the man in ten minutes or less, and it’s not much pleasure for the woman at all.

Some of these young women can enjoy the difference, but others have already been mentally disfigured into believing that sex is just for men, and that many of the most satisfying practices are unhygienic or unnatural. (In some Asian countries, women who have had good European or American lovers are usually very definite in their preference for a non-Asian boyfriend or husband.)

But while the psychological pleasure of being a girl’s or young woman’s first man is the bulk of the reward, there is, too, a distinct physical quality to it. The vaginal enclosure of a girl or young woman who has not previously had intercourse is more pleasurable than the vaginal flexibility of a woman who reacts quickly with a stretch that makes intercourse painless for her, but a climax more difficult for the man.

No, it is not my intention to degrade women who are not virgins. But sex with a virgin is another quality, a quality that I remember longer and which, funny as it sounds, causes even in me a psychological bonding that can be the basis for a relationship that lasts much longer than it otherwise would.

I cherish virgins, and if I can have a sexual relationship with 1, I happily let other men have 10 divorcees or 1000 whores.