Con artist tricks in the tongkat ali retail trade

Con artists (an abbreviation of confidence artists) cheat their victims by first building up confidence. They don’t have to poke a gun at their victims’ chests to make them hand over the cash. Victims do that willingly because they believe the predator.

One nowadays can easily avoid being cheated with tongkat ali, just by being better informed. Search Google for tongkat ali cheats or tongkat ali scams, and you will find relevant leads.

One trick in the arsenal of con artists is to tell their prospective victims that any financial transaction can be reverted. They give a “money back guarantee”. They may even ride on Ebay’s buyer protection scheme.

So, why do con artists in the tongkat ali retail trade typically issue a “money back guarantee”?

Because it’s low risk. Because it comes with conditions that are a real turn off, so that this “money back guarantee” is never used by people with some money sense, even if they are not happy with their purchase?

Let’s say, the purchase was for tongkat ali in the amount of 100 US dollar from a source in Southeast Asia.

Let’s say the buyer has serious doubt as to whether he received a genuine product.

Let’s say he demands a refund as promised in the ad lines of the con artist.

So what will the con artist reply: yes, if you are unhappy with the product, please send back any unopened bottle, and upon return, we will issue a refund?

Oops, send back the product first? And only unopened bottles, if there are any. Sending the product, or, rarther,unopened portions, will be work.

It means, going to a post office or a courier counter. It means, transportation time and costs, time spent on packaging and addressing, and then the postal or courier charges.

And all of that for a promised promised partial refund that may or may not arrive?

Even if no handling fee is applied by the con artist, he may still let the refunded buyer pay the charges of the transfer. In the end it won’t be worthwhile.

Because, when you count all in, the costs of getting a refund are higher than the money you finally get back (if you get any at all).

Requesting that a product is sent back is just harassing customers in order to make them forego on the refund.

For what do they want an opened bottle of tongkat ali capsules returned anyway? Sell it to somebody else?

Does your local pharmacy buy back opened packages of heart medications or antibiotics?

Come on! People take medicines and herbal supplements to improve their health. These are potentially potent chemical substances. One does not want to mess with returned products which may have degraded or, even worse, willfully contaminated.

Apart from that, it’s probably anyway illegal in most constituencies to resell returned medicines. They would have to be destroyed.

So, it’s obvious: all this talk of “money back guarantee” is just a tool to capture the confidence of prospective buyers. Genuine enterprises do not play such games.