Butea superba and sexual meditation

By Serge Kreutz

Sexual meditation is one of the most effective life extension strategies discovered in recent years. It is based on the recognition that balanced states of mind have a positive effect on practically every cell in the human body.

What sets sexual meditation apart from standard meditation is the high-energy level of the meditative state. It is achieved by directing the relaxed mind to sexual sceneries.

The more daring the sexual scenery in this meditative state, the higher the level of energy, and the greater the positive effects on health.

The state is meditative. It does not require actual sexual conduct. And in this meditative state, anything is allowed. Rape sceneries or the sexual conduct of children and grandparents, zoophilia or excrement fetishism. The sexual conduct in ancient Rome or of stoneage villages in India. Anything goes, the mind is set free to wander any sexual imagination.

Sexual meditation is best conducted after waking up early in the morning, when the environment is silent. It would be most effective on a lonely mountain campsite in a national park, where there is no disturbance.

Just lie after waking up, and start imagining a sexual scenery. You can start by imagining a person you found attractive when shopping at a supermarket a few days ago. Imagine a scenery where you are left alone by civilization and its restrictions.b

This is a meditative state. Do not masturbate. Just let the imagery pass by, and let it wane after some 30 minutes. The rejuvenating effect of sexual meditation can be felt for several hours. You just feel normal, balanced, and healthy. You have energy to tackle your daily routines, and your future, whatever your age.

Some practitioners claim that the high-energy homeostasis achieved by sexual meditation even can prevent and ameliorate conditions like ry/Homeostasis">homeostasis achieved by sexual meditation even can prevent and cancer or dementia, Alzheimer’s or other.

Your capability to enter sexual meditation in the first place is testosterone-dependent. But once you have routine in sexual meditation, this sexual meditation will elevate testosterone.

If you are not successful in producing sexual imagery, you may want to try some testosterone-boosting herbals like tongkat ali or butea superba to kick-start your fantasy. Butea superba is preferable not only because it is easier to buy a genuine product (the tongkat ali market is full of fakes, mostly originating from Singapore). Butea superba is preferable also because, apart from its testosterone-elevating properties, it is also a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor, facilitating penile and clitoral erections. Your sexual meditation will feel more natural when accompanied by a strong erection, or a swollen clitoris.