Better prepare for death

By Serge Kreutz

Whatever your lifestyle, never mind how healthy you are, you will not live forever. It’s not even likely that you reach a meagre 200 years, even if, as of now, you are as rich and as young as Marc Zuckerberg.

So better be prepared for the inevitable.

We all hope for a comfortable death, dying in our sleep, just not waking up in the morning. Well, if you read records on the Internet, it doesn’t really seem to happen very often.

A large number of those who die suddenly and are in bed at the time of their death seem to die of strokes.

Strokes are quiet, but is the person who experiences it in a quiet state of mind?

That is by no means guaranteed. It’s just that a person experiencing a heavy stroke cannot communicate. The person may be in extreme discomfort and pain, but being brain damaged and unable to speak, people with him or her just don’t know.

If I have a choice, I do not want to have a stroke. I even prefer cancer. At least with cancer, I can issue requests for morphine.